Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Highgate Cemetery - Is This Where My Heroine Will Meet Her Doom?!

It looks fairly innocent, doesn't it, basking in the sunshine and seen from this angle, but once you're down those steps and surrounded by high walls on either side, it's pretty creepy. The West section of Highgate Cemetery is wild and overgrown. The photo below was taken in bright sun, but imagine what it might feel like at dusk on a cold, overcast day. Graves line every pathway and stretch into the distance wherever you look. Some of the graves seem to pop out at you when you're least expecting them, some have cracked open, and some are tilted at odd angles because of land slips.

I've just begun the second part of the 'Indian' trilogy I'm writing - although this book, in fact, is set in wartime London. My heroine, Daisy Driscoll, is due to face dire peril in the book's finale and I've been wondering just where that should take place. I had thought of the London sewers but a recent visit I made to Highgate Cemetery may have sealed her fate!

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