Friday, 2 August 2013

I know I’ve been picky about the book covers I’ve been given, so when the North American cover art arrived for my next Regency, I thought I should redress the balance. The book is called The Major’s Guarded Heart (no, not my title!) and is due be published on Nov 1. I can’t say I love this image but for once I quite like it, though I’m not entirely sure about the chap’s expression. Still, he is dressed in correct Regency gear and the hero he’s playing, Justin Delacourt, does have a library just like the one pictured. His hair is roughly the right colour too. In the book I describe Justin’s hair as ‘abundant and gleaming, challenging the dreariness of the place and the day. Even the dim lighting could not suppress its bright glory, catching at highlights and dancing them in the air, until it seemed the man’s head was circled by a veritable halo.’ I suppose it would be asking a bit much to find the right image for that! So I’m reasonably content - though this is only the North American cover and there may be a nasty surprise in store when the UK one arrives!

I’d be interested to know what you think. And all you writers out there, do you get some say in your covers and if not, how do you rate the ones you’re handed? 

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